Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Creating Amazing "I Spy" Compositions To Photograph With Their iPads Today

What a fun day in the library!  

Today, Shelley Broderick, one of our elementary art teachers, and I brought all of the 4th graders into the library to create the compositions that will create the I Spy Van Meter School illustrations. We are getting ready for our Skype with author Jean Marzollo, who is the author of the I Spy series, on October 15.  

The students could work with 1 or 2 other students or by themselves.  They used their iPads to photograph the illustrations they created.  I just loved seeing how excited they were to get out the objects they brought from home to tell the story they wanted to tell.  
The 4th graders were very creative with where they placed the items around the library.  They thought about what they have seen in the I Spy books.  
All of the groups collaborated with one another, talking through not only their composition but also the rhyme they would be adding to their page too.  
"I Spied some pretty awesome 4th graders in the library creating the look for our I Spy book."  


  1. This sounds like a wonderful, engaging project. I do hope many of your students' "I Spy" compositions will find a spot on the author's webpage. I hope your Skype call goes well, and I'll be looking forward to your blog post summarizing the event.

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