Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creating The "I Spy" Pages On Their iPads Using The EduCreations App

The 4th graders are having so much fun working on the pages of their collaborative I Spy eBook.

Over the last few weeks I wrote about this project in the posts,  I Spy Author Jean Marzollo Visiting Our Library To See The "I Spy Van Meter School" eBook and Creating Amazing "I Spy" Compositions To Photograph With Their iPads Today.  

In the last several days we have been working on the compositions, photographs, rhymes and pages.
After they created their I Spy compositions and took photographs of them in the library, they then worked on writing the rhymes within the classroom.  They worked on it as their "Writing Piece" during the "Work on Writing" time in the morning.
One of the students had the idea of putting the pages together using the EduCreations app on their iPad. I loved the idea!
They put the photograph they took on one side and typed in the rhyme they wrote on the other.
They were adding their own touch to the pages too.
 We had so much fun seeing what everyone was creating for their I Spy pages.
Here is a little sneak peak into the I Spy Van Meter School eBook by our amazing, creative, and fun 4th graders.  

We will share our finished eBook very soon! 

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