Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Forget To Give Them Time To Create On Their Own Too!

This amazing video titled Stop The Bullying! was created by one of our 4th graders, Shae.  You just have to watch it!  It is awesome.

She wasn't given this as an assignment or asked to create this video.  Instead she created this on her own time.  She was done with the September Book Project in which they created iMovie book trailers so she decided to use what she learned in the project and create something she was passionate about.
Shae came to me two days ago and had a wonderful start already.

She first showed me what she had started in iMovie.  I was so happy to see that she was creating a video about stopping all bullying.  With Governor Branstad's Bullying Prevention Summit coming up in two weeks, this was perfect timing.
Shae not only perfected the iMovie before we uploaded it into YouTube, she also shared and encouraged others to be creative with their work and schedule too.

She was given something really simple.....A little time to create something meaningful and connected, something that truly brings light to her passions and voice.

I encourage you to remember this and look for opportunities of time and passion like this one.


  1. Love that! and it is so sad that kids do not have much time just to create on their own. Everything in my state is so test driven the teachers can't be creative which in turn means the kids can't. That is one thing I LOVE about being a librarian, is that I can try to give students that time. Sara Lessons From a Laughing Librarian

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