Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Do This....Support BotLogic.us In Their New Kickstarter Campaign!

Last week our 3rd graders started to learn about programming from the awesome website Botlogic.us with our new friend Brad Wedell, who is the founder and CEO.  It was so much fun.
You can read about Brad's visit and what he taught the kids about Botlogic on this post, Our First Step Into Learning About Programming With New Friends at BotLogic.us.

The 3rd graders not only loved learning how to play Botlogic, they also really enjoyed learning about how Brad got involved in programming and why he created Botlogic.  They were instantly hooked on the objective of Botlogic and what they were to accomplish.  

I saw every one of the third graders engaged and having fun while learning. 

Also, it was great hearing them talk about Brad and his cool job while they were playing Botlogic after the Skype.  It really opened their eyes to not only what went into creating a game, website, or app, but also how many different things they could do by having these skills.

When the 3rd graders came back to school the next day, I had several come up to tell me they played it at home too!  
Josie, who is a 4th grader at Van Meter and a sister to one of the 3rd graders, told me that Walker went home that night and couldn't stop talking about what he had done in library with Botlogic.  He told his parents and Josie that he was going to learn how to be a programmer and create cool games when he was older that everyone could play. 

I just love that Botlogic is the first step in bringing this excitement about programming to the young people at our school.   

Now it is our turn to keep this excitement going and help Botlogic too!  

Brad and the other amazing people that work at BotLogic, Amber, Kelly, and Alex, have announced their Kickstarter Campaign, "BotLogin.us: A Game That Gets Kids EXCITED to Program!"
By going to the site, you can read the story behind BotLogic.  
Also, read about why programming is so important to bring to our students and communities.  

I am impressed with their goals and what they want to do to take BotLogic to the next level if their Kickstarter Campaign is successful.
And as the BotLogic team stated on their kickstarter campaign page, Let's Do This! and help this wonderful company make an even bigger impact on education and our young people.

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