Thursday, September 21, 2023

Limitless Learning Starts Here...A Special New Message From Our Friends At Follett


Our friends at Follett shared a special message in a new video this week.  

As Britten Follett, CEO of Follett Content Solutions, shared, 

"We know the critical role you play in unlocking a child’s potential and empowering each one with curiosity and knowledge – through your passion and commitment to inspire those who will change the world. And so, the most important role we play at Follett is advocating for you. 

We support and partner with countless agencies – Educational Book & Media Association (EBMA), EveryLibrary, American Association of School Librarians, All4Ed, and many more – to advocate for you, and to bring your needs and student outcomes to the forefront.

Everything we do, from our content to our services and support, is to help you reach every student and support learning wherever and whenever it takes place. It starts with you. It starts here. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for education."

It's such a wonderful message and one that will speak to all of us as librarians and educators. 

You will find the video here, friends. 

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