Sunday, September 10, 2023

Have Your Students Create Beautiful Pixel Art To Celebrate Dot Day With The FREE StickTogether Pixel Art Site!

We are all celebrating International Dot Day this week!  

As we get ready for our celebrations, we are looking for places for our students to show off their creativity. 

I have one for you, friends!  StickTogether has a FREE Pixel Art site for creating art to turn into personal StickTogether posters to place stickers on or to print. You can find the NEWLY updated StickTogether Pixel Art site here

There are two ways to create in the StickTogether Pixel Art platform. 
Anyone can create Pixel Art and save it to your computer, as shown in the image above. 
For students, StickTogether has created an awesome new Pixel Art Dashboard that allows teachers to share their personal Pixel Art Canvas link with students. Their creations will be saved to the teachers Dashboard, where the artwork can be printed. 

Just click Go to Pixel Art Dashboard and follow the simple directions. 
Once their Dot Day Pixel Art is created, they will be saved in the Teacher Pixel Art Dashboard. 
From the Pixel Art Dashboard, you just select the artwork you want to print. You can print the artwork, the worksheet or both, after you make the selection. 
This is the worksheet that can be filled with stickers and this.... the artwork. 

You can also find Pixel Art Starter Packs now on the StickTogether site that gives you lots of stickers for your students to stick their own creations. You can find the special packs here.

Have fun creating for Dot Day, friends. It's one of the best days of the year. 

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