Sunday, September 24, 2023

Creating Interactive Choice Boards To Share and Highlight Award Books!


One of my favorite book programs to bring to our readers every year is the Iowa Children's Choice Awards. There are four lists that range from picture books to young adult books. 

We always set up a few displays in our libraries to celebrate and share the books. I also love thinking about how our students can access these lists from their classrooms and homes too. 

The last few years, I have created interactive choice boards.  I display it as a poster with the books in the library and share it with the students in their Google Classrooms and on the Library Google Classroom. 

Let me know show you how I do this! 

First, I found the poster for all four of the book awards. 
I uploaded the poster into a Canva Poster template I have been using for the last few years. This template matches the other branding and marketing theme in our library. 

I added a computer screen because that is where I am going to add the book trailer video. 
After I had the Canva Poster all set, I downloaded the image and uploaded into a new Google Slide presentation. I made a copy of the slide for each book. 
I then uploaded the book trailer for that book onto the slide. 
Once I had all of the slides finished, I went back to the front page of the slide deck and linked the book covers to the corresponding slide.  This makes the choice board interactive and super easy for students and teachers to navigate. 

They can also click on the red house in the right hand corner to take them back to the first page again. That is their home button.
To create the poster that I share by the award books, 
I add a QR Code and (short URL) to the front slide.  
Our students love checking out the book trailers and reading the award books.  We will have bookmarks for them to use throughout the year as learn about and read the books. I will share these in an upcoming post so you can make a copy for your library and award book programs too. 

You can find the 2023-24 Iowa Children's Choice Award Book Trailer Room (choice board) here to use with your readers. If you want to make a copy to make some changes, click here.
And the 2023-24 Iowa Goldfinch Award Book Trailer Room (choice board) here to use with your readers.  If you want to make a copy to make some changes click here.
I will share the other three super soon!  

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