Sunday, September 3, 2023

Creating Super Cool Canvas Library Signs For Our New Library Space With Canva!


I love creating so many different things in Canva. It is my go-to tool for things at school, at home and for my other library, education and writing work. 

I also love that we can get things printed and created from Canva. This is such a super cool and helpful part of what Canva has to offer all of us as creators. 

This weekend, I created a new sign using Canva for the Van Meter School Secondary Library. We have a brand new library space that has a door to a classroom so I wanted to created a big sign to hang on that door. 

I went into Canva, created a square template and filled it in with simple words and a black background. 

You can find the Canva template to use here.

When I was finished with the design, I clicked on Share and scrolled down to Print Your Design. 
I typed in Canvas and it popped up with these options for size, edge styles and framing. 

For this sign, I picked a 12 x 12 canvas and simple white frame. 

I love how this will look on the library door. 

And I really love how #vanmeterreaders is included at the bottom too.  I hope this encourages our readers to share and celebrate their reading life this year. 

It's the perfect way to kick off a new year of reading in our libraries and throughout our school. 

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