Sunday, September 3, 2023

Creating Sticker Storage For Our StickTogether Pixel Art Projects, Creations and More!


As we kick off the school year, we are starting lots of special projects using one of our favorite digital tools,

the Pixel Art interface from our friends at StickTogether.  With this amazing digital tool, students can "sticker" their creations, using the Original (17 color) Color Key as a guide.  

Last week, our 2nd graders created their self portraits using the Pixel Art platform. 
These will become part of their class Pixel Art Portrait Mural.  You can read all about this project here.

This is a great way to use leftover stickers.  Or if you run out of stickers, you can find Pixel Art Sticker Packs in the StickTogether Shop
For all of these start of the year projects at my school, I purchased three of the Pixel Art Sticker Packs and will use the leftover stickers from last years Sticker Posters. Before I brought them to the 2nd grade classrooms, I had to find a way to organize all of these sticker sheets.  

One day as I was opening the Pixel Art Sticker Packs at home, I thought about an old portable wooden hanging file I had downstairs. I could take that hanging file, add enough hanging file folders for each sticker color and add tabs to the top to make it super easy for the kids to find the stickers they needed. 
I also had Brianna, StickTogether Director of Digital Marketing and Community (and my daughter❤️) create a poster for the file.  We called it Sticker Storage. You will find it here
This will fit perfect on front of my file and could work for any sticker storage that you have too. 
There are 17 different sticker colors so we made a hanging file for each.  I had a student help me with this part and she made cute little tabs that contained the letter corresponding colored sticker. 
The sticker sheets fit perfectly into the hanging files and will be so easy for teachers and students to grab and use what they need as they are creating Pixel Art and other StickTogether projects. 
You will find the Pixel Art Class Packs here. 

I can't wait to see what you do with Pixel Art this year, friends. 

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