Wednesday, September 20, 2023

10 Children's eBooks for eBook Day Featured In Novel Effect...Including Sonia's Digital World!


On September 18, we celebrated eBook Day.  This is a special day with school libraries, public libraries and readers around the world celebrate reading eBooks. It's a great way for readers to discover a new way to access and read their favorite books.  

Our friends at Novel Effect brought together 10 children's eBooks for eBook Day that we can find in the Novel Effect app. 

You can check out 10 of our favorite in-app eBooks to pair with Novel Effect's magical music and sound effects.  It's an immersive and easy reading experience that kids will adore.  Find them here.
And guess what?  My new book I created with Capstone and ISTE, Sonia's Digital World, is one of the 10 eBooks that are featured in the Novel Effect app! 

You will find the print book here on the Capstone site. 

It's easy to find and access the eBooks in the Novel Effect app. Novel Effect shared in this article, 

Reading with Novel Effect is made even easier with our selection of in-app ebooks—removing the hassle of needing a physical book on hand.

See the ebook icon on the book cover below?

Our Class is a Family Ebook

When you see this icon on any of your favorite Novel Effect titles, we have the ebook!

Select your title and tap the ebook icon INSTEAD of the music note when you’re ready to read. From there, the app will generate the ebook’s pages for you. Everything else is the same! Listen for the signature Novel Effect chime and start reading aloud for the soundscape to follow your voice. A simple swipe right on your screen will turn to the next page. Swiping left will take you back to the last page!

Have fun exploring, reading and sharing eBooks with your students using Novel Effect too. 

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