Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Winter Break Bingo Cards and Bookmarks...You Will Find Everything You Need To Use These With Your Students & Families Too!

With winter break starting next week, we created something special for our students and families to celebrate this time of year. It's called My Winter Break Bingo and I would like to share it with all of you to use with your library and school community. 

First, I started by created two My Winter Break Bingo choice boards. 
The first bingo card (found here to copy) has places for our students and families to connect with reading, learning, creating, cooking, exercise and fun. It doesn't include technology. 

This is a great thing to print off to send home with everyone for winter break as it can be used at home or even if they are traveling for the holiday. 
The second bingo card (found here to copy) has five of the same activities without technology, and three using technology including...
 ...the 12 Days of Making With Capstone Interactive choice board, 
...the Elementary Coding Choice Boards.  Since we are using these three choice boards in December, they will be familiar to our students. 
You will find the My Winter Break Bingo Google Slide that includes activities without technology here.
You will find the My Winter Break Bingo Google Slide that includes both here to download to copy or change.  And here is the link to share with students and families if you want to share it digitally. 
I also added a QR code and bit.ly/2023winterbreak to make it super easy for everyone to use over winter break.  You will find this poster here to copy for your students. 
In addition to making a copy of the Winter Break Bingo and sharing it online, I love making a bookmark every year as a special surprise for our students.  They all love bookmarks to use as they read, and really love it when they include places to go online to read, learn, make, code and more too. 
You will find the Happy Winter Break, Friends Bookmark I created in Buncee/Capstone Create here.  You can make a copy or download to print. 

I downloaded each side of the bookmark from Buncee and went to Overnight Prints. 
They do such a wonderful job, so this is my go-to for printing bookmarks for our library. 
You will find the link to get started with Bookmarks on Overnight Prints here.

I hope you find the Winter Break Bingo cards and bookmarks helpful and fun, friends. 

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