Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Create & Celebrate Your 2022 Year In Review With This Fun Template From Our Friends At Capstone...And For A Chance To Win!


I have something so fun to share with everyone today!  

Our friends at Capstone have created a place for us to share our 2022 Year In Review.

As they shared in this tweet today, 
you can import this image as a template into a creative tool and add your response like I did in the one above. 
I took the blank template above, and...
...uploaded it into PebbleGo Create with Buncee. You will find this template here to copy and use. 
I also added it to a Google Slide. You can make a copy of the slide here and use it as your own. 
For the information, I went to the administrator side of PebbleGo and found reports from our Capstone Interactive eBooks, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 
And for the Book Circulated part of the graphic, I went to our digital flip chart that shows our daily library statistics.  We get this data from our Destiny Discover each day. 

You can read about this and find the template for the flip chart here.

I can't wait to see everyones 2022 Year in Review! 

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