Saturday, December 3, 2022

Look At All Of The Virtual Stickerboards To Share & Create With Your Students This Month!


Look at all of the Virtual Stickerboards from StickTogether to share and create with your students this month!  

And did you hear? Virtual Stickerboards are now FREE for everyone.  

As we celebrate this wonderful time of the year, this is the perfect digital activity to do with our students as there is a...

... Seasonal category...
...with several special Seasonal virtual stickerboards your students will love. 
You will find the Virtual Stickerboards here on the NEW StickTogether site. 

This is where you can create virtual stickerboards to share with your students and school community. 
You will find How it works with helpful tips and.... can even try out a virtual stickerboard too. 

Have fun creating and sharing these with your students, teachers and community, friends. 

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