Friday, December 30, 2022

Learn How To Add Choice Boards, Photos, News and More To Your Destiny Discover!

This week, I have been working on a few things to get ready for our new year.  Today, I added Our January Choice Board (that you will find in this post) to our Destiny Discover. 

As our students and teachers visit Destiny Discover throughout the week, I love how I can make it a place to also share choice boards, photos, news and more from our library. 

This is the first thing our library patrons see when they visit our Destiny Discover, so I want to make it an awesome place for finding books, online resources, special events, news and so much more. 

It's so fun adding our monthly choice boards and the kids love finding them here too. 

Let me show you how you can add these things to our Destiny Discover. It's just a few easy steps! 
You can watch this YouTube video that I made here.

And here are the steps below...
Log into your Destiny Discover and click on Admin... the top under More. 
Once inside of Discover Admin, 
go to Display Options and Featured Content. 
You can change Column A, Column B, and the categories that are featured underneath. 
I add the choice boards to Column B. 

I click Title and add a title, something like, Check out our January Choice Board. 
Then click on the little pencil, 
and it will take you to Your Content where you can add photos, text, links, videos and more. 

I add a screen shot of the choice board like I did with Our January Choice Board, which you can find here
To link it, I first have to grab the published link to the choice board in the Google Slide. 
I go back to Destiny with the link. If you highlight the image and click on the Link at the top, it will bring up a little pop up that asks you to Enter Link.  
Paste the link from the choice board here and click Save. 
It's also important to always click Save at the bottom in the right hand corner every time too. 
You are all set!  Go back to Destiny Discover and make sure everything is working on your homepage. You will be able to scroll on the choice board to see the entire slide. 

And to get to the choice board, just click and go. It's that easy! 

Hope you give it a try and add a little fun and excitement to your Destiny Discover, friends. 

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