Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Choice Board To Kick Off The Winter Season On December 21st!


Winter begins on December 21. This is a wonderful time to share resources with our students and teachers to learn more about winter.  

In addition to pulling all of the winter themed books we have in our collection and displaying them in the library,  I also created the Let's Learn About Winter Choice Board with links to...
..the Winter PebbleGo article and lots of Capstone Interactive eBooks.  A lot of the eBooks are the same we put out in our library too. 

You will find this Choice Board here, where you can make a copy and fill in your own resources or links to PebbleGo and the Capstone Interactive eBooks.  Remember that when you are finished, Publish To The Web and share that link with students.  

Enjoy the winter season, friends. 

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