Thursday, April 21, 2022

The StickTogether Dot Art Contest Is Back! Check Out How Your Students & School Community Can Be Part Of This Special Contest Too!


I love planning for our Dot Day celebration on September 15'ish every year.  This is the day that everyone can celebrate our uniqueness, creativity and voice by making a mark on the world. 

Throughout the year, I look for and bring together resources, ideas, projects and plans for our library and classrooms for Dot Day.  
One of the big ways we celebrate Dot Day is by creating DOTS is so many different ways.  We have used paper coffee filters, chalk, paint and pizza pans, murals and more. 
In 2021, our students used paper coasters to create their dots.  Their creations were amazing and every one was beautiful in a unique way. 

I shared the dots with my friends at StickTogether. They loved them so much! 
In fact, they took several dots from the pictures I sent to created the very first DOT. DOT. StickTogether poster....
Last fall, StickTogether turned this idea into the DOT. DOT. StickTogether Dot Art Contest where schools and students from around the world created and submitted Dot Art. 

It was so much fun to see the students Dot Art in the virtual sticker gallery and the grand prize winner turned into the sticker poster, DOT. DOT. 2022. 

You will find DOT. DOT. 2022 here on the StickTogether site. 

Today, I am so excited to see that StickTogether has announced the DOT. DOT. 2022-23 StickTogether Dot Art Contest! 

As shared by StickTogether online, 

To enter our StickTogether Dot Art Contest have your students create artwork inspired by Peter Reynold's The DOT Book and add it to our Padlet between now and the end of the school year.  

For all entries please include: Student name (initials or full); grade; your name, your email address (important) school name, city and state.

We will choose 5 winners and we will turn those images into Virtual Stickerboards for Dot Day 2022 in September! These images will be in our Virtual Stickerboard Gallery from the end of August through the end of September. The Virtual Stickerboard image that is used the most, will then be turned into a physical poster that we will have available for sale in the Fall of 2023. 

The 5 winners will each get a certificate and the teacher or librarian who added the image will get 25 Free Stickerboard Codes! The 2023 Image Winner, and her/his teacher educator will each get a Dot. Dot. 2023 Poster Kit (attributed to the educator) and the School or Library will get a donation of $2 for each Dot. Dot. 2023 Kit sold.
I can't wait to start creating with our students at Van Meter for the DOT. DOT. 2022-23 StickTogether Contest.  

And I can't wait to see what your students create too! 

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