Tuesday, April 5, 2022

A NEW Way To Do Our Nonfiction Shelf Dividers!


My library associate, Diana, and I are always brainstorming new ways to do things in the library to make it the best space and experience for all of our students and teachers.  One we have been trying to solve this year is the best way to do our nonfiction shelf dividers.  

We wanted to find shelf dividers that didn't take up a lot of space and that were easy to identify the different nonfiction categories of our collection, while keeping the books organized and within categories on the shelves. 

Diana saw someone online use these colorful plastic shelf dividers and attach them to a bookend. 

We found the plastic shelf dividers on Amazon here and used the blue bookends that we already used in our library. A little piece of clear Gorilla double sided tape was used to keep the shelf divider in place. 

We measured and found that a 1 x 4 inch label would fit perfectly on the end of the shelf divider. 

I went to Canva and created a custom design of 1 x 4 for the labels.  I matched the font that we used throughout the library on book signage and posters. 

Diana also added the symbol we use for each nonfiction category. This will make it easy for them to identify the category as they help get them back in the correct spot too. 
We love how this new way to do our nonfiction shelf dividers is turning out and thought of one more thing that will make it even better. 
There is now enough room to add a picture of the category to each shelf divider so we will....
....find images tomorrow to add to these too. This will be super helpful to our readers. 
We will share more soon, friends. 

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