Tuesday, February 15, 2022

NEW Book Series From Our Friend & Author, Fran Manushkin & Capstone....Katie Woo & Pedro Mysteries!


Two of our favorite series are Katie Woo and Pedro by our friend and author FraManushkin
Readers love they can check them out from the library and they love visiting our...
...Our 2nd Grade Book Club Pop-Up Library where we have lots of the Katie Woo and Pedro series in book sets for our book clubs to read together. 
They've also been reading choice boards filled with our Capstone Interactive eBooks and use a copy....
...of the choice board to keep track of what they are reading throughout the year.  

They're reading is off the charts this year with these special new additions.  

You can read more about our Book Club Pop-Up Libraries here
To celebrate their reading and share about about the books, Fran Zoomed with our 2nd graders.  They were so excited and loved asking lots of questions, while listening to her fantastic stories. 

With Capstone's Spring 2022 season of new books out, we were so excited to hear Katie Woo share Fran's NEW series, Katie Woo and Pedro Mysteries. 

You can watch the Spring 2022 Spotlight video here

In addition to adding these four new titles to our library and to the 2nd Grade Pop-Up Library, 

I also created a new choice board for the Katie Woo and Pedro Mysteries too.  
Here is a little tip when creating choice boards with the Capstone Interactive eBooks.  In the lower right hand corner, there is a little link. Just click on that and it will be copied. 
That is the link that you hyperlink to the cover of the book in the choice board. 
If you want to use the Katie Woo and Pedro Mysteries choice board, you can make a copy here. 
I also wanted to share this video of the time I spoke with Fran on our Capstone Interactive Virtual Book Club.  It was such a fun conversation and one your students will love as they learn more about Fran and her books. 

You will find the NEW Katie Woo and Pedro Mysteries series here on the Capstone site. 

We sure do hope there are more Katie Woo and Pedro books soon!  

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