Friday, February 4, 2022

Don't Miss Applying For The StickTogether MicroGrant For Teachers and Librarians, Friends! It's Such A Special Opportunity For You & Your Students!

I was so excited to see the StickTogether MicroGrant 2022 announced this week! 

StickTogether is accepting proposals from qualified educational institutions to receive an exclusive free school wide annual bundle of its acclaimed community-building activity StickTogether. 
Who qualifies? 

The StickTogether MicroGrant 2022 is open to any learning institute working with students who would benefit from a tool to support learning, SEL, inclusivity and more, while building and strengthening communities of learners. 

The StickTogether school wide bundle is intended to be flexible enough to fit the demands of any instructional or community-building program. Winners will be selected based on their vision for involving their entire learning community and creative plans for engaging all members, school wide. 

Winners will be asked to share their StickTogether Story(s) in a 30-45 second video(s), and/or contribute to a blog with stories about their experiences. 

What is included in the StickTogether MicroGrant?

Five StickTogether MicroGrants valued at $1000 will be awarded, each one will include a full year’s worth of FUN! 

Up to 30 Sticker Mosaic Poster Kits (your choice of images) - for use in the Library, Common Area, Classroom, Cafeteria, SEL, After School etc. > 

Classroom - 500 virtual codes- for use by classroom teachers 

Plus startup and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation. 

How do I apply? 

Simply complete the application at 

Applications must be submitted by February 28, 2022

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