Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Join The StickTogether February Challenge... Random Acts of Inclusion


We love the StickTogether Monthly Challenges from our friends at StickTogether

In February, the StickTogether Monthly Challenge celebrates Random Acts of Inclusion

Using the amazing February Challenge, Random Acts of Inclusion template found here.... can challenge your students to take part in these mini Random Acts of Inclusion challenges.  

I just love these....Include someone new, Ask someone how you can help, Give a friend a tip, Give a classmate a smile and so many others that will inspire inclusion within our students and throughout our school community. It will be very special and fun to share these with our students. 
And as they shared on the StickTogether Facebook Group

Want to win a FREE StickTogether Kit?! 🥳 In February we celebrate Random Acts Of Inclusion. Share your students’ Random Act Of Inclusion stories and be entered to win a FREE StickTogether Kit that you choose.

We can use #STChallenge and tag @byStickTogether when sharing photos and stories on social too. 

StickTogether will choose one winning StickTogether Challenge story each month.  The winner will get one FREE Standard StickTogether Kit that you choose. 

I am so excited for the StickTogether Challenges and can't wait for a new one each month. 

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