Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Check This Out! It's The SHARE Button In Google Chrome To Make A QR Code, Share On Social and More!


During one of my presentations at the ASTE Conference in Anchorage, Alaska this week, I learned a cool new Google Chrome tip that I just have to share! 

I was sharing how to use QR Code Monkey and QR Toon when creating and sharing choice boards with our students, teachers and school community. 
Then a new friend, Lori Abney, raised her hand to tell us about a super easy way to make QR codes right in our Google Chrome!  
So, for example....if I want to share the NEW Celebrate Reading Is For Everyone choice board
...I just click on the little share...
....button up in the address bar at the top of the Google Chrome browser. 
When you click on icon, 
a whole menu drops down with lots of options to Share this page
One of the choices is QR Code which makes one instantly. You can download the QR code or take a screen shot. 
I also find it handy to be able to share so quickly on social and even by....
....sending to your devices. 

I can't wait to share this tip with my teachers and students at my school.  A big thank you to Lori for sharing it with us at ASTE too. 

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