Saturday, February 5, 2022

Turn Your QR Codes In Cool Artwork With QRToon!

I love learning about new technology tools and applications from my PLN on Twitter and Instagram.  Every day I learn something exciting and new that I can use in so many different ways. 

This week, as I get ready to head to the TCEA Conference in Dallas, Texas, I learned about a NEW QR Code creator that I am using in the beginning of each of my presentations to share with participants. 

It's called QRtoon and turns QR codes into catchy artworks. And it's free for everyone to use. 

Let me show you show it works.  Click on the Try Web App button as shown in the image above.
You can Scan QR Code, Upload QR Code or Enter a link. 
I added a link to my blog and then clicked on Next. 
It then asks you to Select a photo to be used in the QR code. 
I used both a screen shot of my blog banner which is an illustration and...
...created such a cute QR code and...
...a photograph which was super cool to see in too! 
I just did a little screen shot of the QR code to use in my presentations.  

QRtoon will be super fun to use at school with student work as we could use an image of the students inside of each that will direct to all types of work and creations.  

You can create your own at, friends. 

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