Monday, July 19, 2021

Our Daily Book Box Pick Up For The Van Meter Readers and Teachers!

We always want to offer our readers at Van Meter to have a lot of opportunities to check books in and out of our library.  We want our readers to feel confident, welcome and excited about this process. And over the years we have created ways to make this possible for all readers and teachers every single day.  

One of the ways is our Book Box program.  Every classroom and related arts teacher has a colorful plastic crate outside of their classroom door.  When our students and teachers want to check a book back into the library, they can place their book in the crate outside of the classroom doors. 

In the morning and afternoon, my library assistant, Diana, goes around with her cart and picks up the books.  She brings them back to the library to check them in and get ready for another round of readers.

Even though every class comes to the library for a special checkout time with Diana and can come to the library if they need something throughout the day, this is a quick and easy way to keep our collection moving and for the students to check out what they want to read throughout the school year. 

This summer I made new signs for every box and had them printed at our local Area Education Agency. 

I used clips to attach them to the crates as shown in this picture. 

I made the sign and just changed out the name of each classroom teacher and...

...related arts teacher like the S.T.E.A.M. Room with Ms. Algreen and myself, 
SEL and Mrs. Cook and...
...Spanish and Ms. Newell. 

This is also a wonderful way to get books rotation throughout every classroom and space with our teachers and associates too. 
Our signs and book boxes can't wait for the new school year and for lots of books to go in and our of the hands of our readers.  

It's going to be a great year, friends. 

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