Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Create Personalized Book Recommendation Post-It Notes To Kick Off Your Reader's Advisory From The Library This Fall!

One of the best parts of being a teacher librarian is the reader's advisory I do with our readers at Van Meter.  I work with readers who are in preschool to 12th grade within our school, so I have lots of opportunities to do this every single day.  

Reader's advisory involves recommending and matching up books through direct or indirect means, so I 

For the upcoming school year, I wanted to kick off a few new things around the reader's advisory I will do within our school community.  Since reader's advisory involves recommending and matching up books through direct or indirect means, I came up with some fun and meaningful ways to make this happen. 


The first idea I would like to share are the Special Book Recommendation From Mrs. Miller sticky notes I made to place on books that I share with our students and teachers.  I was so excited to receive these in the mail. I just love how they turned out! 

Here is how I created them in case you want to make some too. 

I looked around and found that I could order Custom Post-It® Notes on Vistaprint here.  Just click on Start Designing...

...and it will take you to the page where you can upload your own design or pick a design they have created. 
I created two different designs for my Post-It® Notes.  One with just Special Book Recommendation From Mrs. Miller and...
...one with a place for me to write a little message in the white space at the bottom of the note. 

You can use a Bitmoji, a photograph of yourself or even a drawn portrait you do or ask a student for help. I used a little graphic my friends at Pear Deck created of me a few years ago. It was perfect for this project.  I also love the book I found to put into my hand. 

If you work with a library or classroom partner, you could use a Friendmoji too! 

When I opened my box from Vistaprint I was so happy on how cute the Post-It® Notes turned out. 

In fact, I used them with a little reader's advisory I am doing this summer with a few of our readers. 
My hope is that this new way to do reader's advisory will get the kids and teachers excited to get a Mrs. Miller Post-It® Note on a special book recommendation and will get our readers reading even more. 
I am also working on a little framed poster for every teacher to put in their classroom for displaying books I recommend too.  I will share this in an upcoming post soon.  
I can't wait to kick this off on the first day of school.  And guess what?  Today, I even used the notes to leave a little stack of book recommendations for a few of my Van Meter students.  
That sure made my day. 

I hope this idea helps your reader's advisory efforts and work too. 

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