Monday, July 5, 2021

A Collection by Destiny For Social Emotional Learning Resources, Books and Ideas

This summer I have been spending time with wonderful new social emotional learning resources such as...

...Buncee's SEL Toolkit and...
...Supporting Student & Educator Mental Health in 2021 from GoGuardian and Pear Deck. 
I have also been adding more books to the Picture Books for Social Emotional Learning and Special Topics Padlet and to our library collection at Van Meter. I want to be ready to support our students, teachers and families with all of the best resources, books and ideas. 
To bring these resources all together in a place I can share and visit at any time, I have created a new Collection by Destiny, Social Emotional Learning Resources, Books and Ideas.  I will continue to add and curate SEL resources that I find in this Collection. This will be super helpful for us to use and to share with our teachers as we prepare for our upcoming school year. 

You will find the SEL Collection by Destiny here.  

Let me know what other resources we can add to this growing resource too.  

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