Thursday, July 22, 2021

Our Back-to-School You've Been Book'd Poster & Book List Are Here, Friends!

During the summer months, I love working on little projects to get ready for the new school year in the fall. 

One of the first things I put together was our first Back-to-School You've Been Book'd list and posters. There are several new ones I ordered from Follett's Titlewave, so this will give me plenty of time to get them all ready when we start school in August. 

There are so many new books I am super excited about.  A few of these include...
Mindful Mr. Sloth's, one of Capstone's upcoming August 2021 titles; 
Our Table, Peter Reynolds newest book coming out this fall; 
Our Class Is A Family, from teacher Shannon Olsen;
First Day of Unicorn School, another new favorite release from our friends at Capstone; 
...and What The Road Said, that came out in the spring from poet, Cleo Wade. 

Our Back-to-School You've Been Book'd includes 24 books and you will find them here in the poster I put together each month.  
Here is how the program works. Each teacher hangs up the poster on their door as the books in our You've Been Book'd bags are passed around and read by all of the classrooms.  You can read all about it here

Our students and love all of the You've Been Book'd lists we have throughout the year and we can't wait to celebrate with lots of new ones this upcoming school year too. 

I am also excited that each You've Been Book'd list will be shared on Follett's
You will find the Back-to-School You've Been Book'd Titlewave List here
This will connect you to all of the books and the different formats that are available. 

I use our You've Been Book'd program to not only share books with our students and teachers, but as a way to truly enrich and enhance our library collection, while tying into the curriculum, events, social emotional learning, diversity and much more that is important to our community too. 

I hope you enjoy following our You've Been Book'd journey for the 2021-22 school year.  We are excited to share it with all of you and your readers. 

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