Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Virtual Pop-In Storytime...A Way To Stay Connected To Our Kids Through Books!

I love sharing special books with our students and teachers.  
One of my favorite things to do is visit classrooms for little Pop-In Storytimes to read and share picture books.  This is something I started last year and always love when I have time to do this throughout the year. 

You can read all about our Pop-In Storytime here.  
As I was talking with my friend and colleague, Tracy Ferguson, yesterday about how she is connecting with her 2nd graders virtually everyday, I thought,

Hey, I know what I can do to connect with our students right now!  I can join the teachers in a few of their meetings with their students for Virtual Pop-In Storytime! 
I created the fun graphic and added it to a Google Doc to share with our teachers.  They can let me know what time and day they are meeting with their students online and I will come up with a schedule. 
Even though I would rather be with our students at school sharing books, I am excited to have Virtual Pop-In Storytime too!  

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