Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Check Out Round 2 Of The Flipgrid Appsmash Madness & Vote For Your Favorite Today!

We are onto Round 2 and The Engaging 8 in Flipgrid's Appsmash Madness! 

This week, here is what you can do to be part of this awesome fun from our friends at Flipgrid, 8 educators around the world and lots of amazing digital apps and platforms we are smashing together. 

☝️ Watch and enjoy the amazing videos on the Flipgrid for the Appsmash Madness here
✌️ During the week, vote using the attached form for your favorite appsmash to advance to round 
๐ŸคŸ Show your ๐Ÿ’šand share "I voted in the @Flipgrid #AppSmashMadness - check out flipgrid.com/appsmash2020 to learn more and vote too!"

Come back next Sunday, March 15, to see the "Final 4" and begin Round 3! 
I created an appsmash with three of my favorite digital tools, Buncee + PebbleGo from Capstone + Flipgrid, with my friend Tracy Ferguson and her awesome 2nd graders at our school, Van Meter Community in Iowa. 
You will find our video on the Flipgrid here

And read all about our appsmash on my blog.  The NEW appsmash between Buncee and Flipgrid was just announced last week and it sure did empower our students with their visual voice in our project. 

Check it out on the Flipgrid for Appsmash Madness, friends.  We would love your vote. 

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