Saturday, March 21, 2020

10 Ways Teacher Librarians Can Use Buncee For Remote Learning With Students, Families and Teachers

As I sit here this morning and reflect on everything that is happening around us, I think of all the ways I can help and support our learners, teachers, and families within our community, and others around the world in our global community.  I have been sharing our library resources and online literacy opportunities; gathering resources and curating them carefully; connecting with our teachers, learners and families; and creating creative and engaging learning experiences to share with learners.

And as we know, as teacher librarians, the way we can help evolve and change every day.

One digital tool that has been super helpful through this planning and preparing is Buncee.  In fact, not only is this helping me as a librarian, it will be the one we turn to with our students and families too....more to come for those ideas in a new blog post and project Monday.

Today, I would like to share 10 Ways Teacher Librarians Can Use Buncee For Remote Learning. 
1.  Using Buncee, we can share our library and the resources we have by creating a Virtual Library in Buncee.   Here is an example my friend Kelly and I created for her library.  We uploaded a picture of her library and then added links to the important resources like Follett Destiny, the public library, award books and state database resources.  By seeing the library, it will keep students feeling happy and safe.

You can then share with families by sharing the Buncee with them in an email.
2.  You can use Buncee to share online reading opportunities.  I have created the Van Meter Reads Symbaloo to curate and organize all of these wonderful places for our students.

I then created a flyer in Buncee to share with students.  They can bookmark this on their computer or device at home, or hang it up to scan or look at the url at the bottom.
Here is a little Buncee tip...You can add a QR code to any Buncee making it super accessible.
3.  You can give students and families a platform to share what they are reading and listening to together.  Once they have created a Buncee, you can take the pages, clip and stitch them together to create a collaborative reading Buncee to share with families in an email.

You could also have them add their reading Buncee's to a Buncee Board.

4. Just as I shared in #2, you could also use Buncee to bring together other learning resources.  Each page in the Buncee could share the resource, link to that resource and ideas on how to use it at home within their remote learning experiences.
5. You can give students a place to share what they are learning.  We did this with our 2nd graders this year as they all created PebbleGo Buncee Journals to document and celebrate what they were reading and learning in the PebbleGo databases.

You can take a look at this one from Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd Graders as they learned about penguins.  We stitched the pages on their Buncee's together to create this one.
6. Use Buncee to create newsletters to stay connected with students, teachers and families during this time. By adding video and/or audio within Buncee, you can add a special message that everyone will love to see.
7. Create creative and fun learning experiences to share with our learners and post them on your library Facebook page, Google Classroom, Seesaw or other places you will be connecting to students.

Here is one idea we used for our Digital Learning Day Stations...Have students use Buncee to create a robot.
8. You can show teachers how to use Buncee as a place to create and deliver lessons through remote learning.  By using the Buncee Ideas Lab, they will be able to find lots of engaging and meaningful lesson ideas too.
9. Give students a place to be creative and shine in their very own way.  The All About Me Buncee template would be a wonderful way to let students be heard and share more about themselves.

From these creations, create a Buncee Board so students can share.  It is a very special and personal way for them to stay connected during this time.
10. And remember, families will need help logging in at home, so create and share simple visual directions with them for the Buncee login procedures.  Here is an example and a post with directions that you can use.

As you can see, there are so many ways teacher librarians can use Buncee for remote learning...and this is just a start.  How will you be using Buncee for remote learning?  How will you use it with your students and families?  We would all love to know.

On Monday, I am kicking off a new project with Capstone's PebbleGo that will include Buncee ideas and videos each week.  Please stay tuned...I will be sharing soon.

Let me know how I can support you and your community during this time.  I am here for you, friends.

Buncee is providing free access for schools undergoing temporary school closures.  You will find the link and more information in their #RemoteLearning Resource Kit above.  

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