Monday, February 24, 2020

10 Digital Learning Day Stations For Our Technology Playground!

For Digital Learning Day this week on February 27, we will be celebrating with The Van Meter School Digital Learning Day Technology Playground.  We will be hosting it in the library and have invited our teachers to sign up for a time to come with their students throughout the day.  
It is going to be such an exciting day and one that will be meaningful and fun for students and teachers alike. 

To prepare for the day,  I created 10 Digital Learning Day Stations that include Building, PebbleGo, Ozobot, Buncee, Interland, Makey Makey, Coding, Art, Music, eBooks and Books. 

Each station has 1-3 activities to include the different age and skill level of our students.  
To keep everything in one spot, I created posters for each station and the Digital Learning Day Symbaloo.  

Here is the Van Meter Digital Learning Day Technology Playground Symbaloo poster I created to give each teacher and will send it out to families in email and post on our social media for the library and school.  
You will find the Digital Learning Day Symbaloo that I created here.  Please feel free to use it for your library, school and community.  
When you click on one of the numbered centers along the top, 
and on 10 with Capstone Interactive eBooks at the bottom, each will open up into a Google Slide that includes the posters with activities for each station.  Feel free to use these too. 
On each poster, I took the links I included on the Symbaloo under each station and made them into either QR codes or links so it would be super easy for all students to get to these activities within the station. 
I will put these posters into plastic holder and place them on the tables, along with the supplies needed for each. 

Take a look at the 10 Digital Learning Day Technology Playgroup Stations we are going to have.... 
Please feel free to use these and make any adjustments for your community.  
And don't forget to register for Digital Learning Day and share how you will be celebrating too!  

Have fun, friends.  Happy Digital Learning Day! I can't wait to follow along at #DLDay and @OfficialDLDay all week long. 

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