Thursday, February 13, 2020

Celebrate Digital Learning Day With These Amazing Ideas For #DLDay Events!

Digital Learning Day is right around the corner on February 27, 2020 and we can't wait to celebrate at our school with our very first Digital Learning Day Technology Playground at Van Meter Community School 

We will be adding digital tools and apps, robotics and coding with Ozobots, 3D printing, drones, Makey Makey's, eBooks, PebbleGo, Flipgrid, Be Internet Awesome and so much more to our Technology Playground to engage our students, teachers and community in a fun day of celebrating digital learning with others around the world. 

Oh and we won't want them to miss the Digital Learning Day photo booth.  That will be a lot of fun for everyone. 
We added our DLDay event at Van Meter Community School to the map.  Have you registered yours? 

All you have to do is go here to register for Digital Learning Day event. 
Take a look at how others around the United States are celebrating.  These are all DLDay events that were registered on the Digital Learning Day site. 

Celebrate Digital Learning Day
Napoleon Public Library (Napoleon School District) invites you to visit on Digital Learning Day! Bring your e-readers, phones, or other digital devices and we can connect you with the Libby and SEO Libraries apps!
Crystal Hughes, Napoleon, OH

App Smashing with Buncee, Readworks and Quiver
Students in 5th grade World Cultures classes will be reading about famous landmarks around the world on Readworks. They will then share what they have learned by creating a Buncee filled with text, images, stickers, animations, etc. They will then explore these landmarks using Augmented Reality and Quiver.
Ide Koulbanis , Westerly Middle School, Westerly (RI)

Be Internet Awesome!
Davis Drive Elementary Dolphins will learn how to be ethical digital citizens using Google's curriculum.    
Stephanie Fiedler, Davis Drive Elementary School (NC)                                       

Be a Tech Ethicist
The Antelope High School Library in the RJUHSD District will be promoting the importance of being a tech ethicist when using devices for learning and beyond. Student games and contests using tech will take place in front of the Library during both lunches.       
Johanna McCoy, Antelope High School (CA)         

Book Talks and Flipgrid                                
Topsail Elementary in Hampstead will be making book recommendations using FlipGrid. We will also be spending time coding our Spheros and Ozobots.                                             
Beth West, Topsoil Elementary (NC)  

I know for me, I gain so much inspiration by seeing these ideas and I hope we keep on gathering more and more ideas to use on DLDay.  

Remember to register your school community, share on social media using @OfficialDLDay! and the #DLDay hashtag and plan an awesome celebration that will keep the innovative, educational practice using technology going in your community all year long! 

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