Friday, February 7, 2020

Author Carmen Oliver Celebrated & Shared Her Books With Our 2nd Graders For World Read Aloud Day

Last week, we celebrate World Read Aloud Day a little early with several special friends who joined us at Van Meter on Skype in the Classroom.
One of the authors was one of our favorite Capstone authors, Carmen Oliver!

Carmen is the author of the wonderful Bears Make The Best Series that are so loved in our library and classrooms.  There are three in the series, with the fourth coming soon, and each one tells a sweet story that encourages young readers around different learning themes such as writing, reading, math and science.

Let's take a look at the books and resources that go along with each one.
First, there is Bears Make The Best Reading Buddies.  
You must share this book trailer and...
...look at all of these resources!
I love the educator/activity guides by educator, Debbie Gonzales.  Here is a link to this one, where you will find several other activities around this book.
And this poster!  How cute is this! You will find it here
Her second book of the series is Bears Make The Best Math Buddies. You will find all of the resources around this book here.
Bears Make The Best Writing Buddies is her third in the series and the resources for this one can be found here
This is the ones that Carmen read to all of our 2nd graders for our World Read Aloud Day celebration. All of the students in Mrs. Braun, Mrs. Ferguson,
Mrs. Warwick and Mrs. McCombs students...
...loved listening to Carmen show all of her books and talk about...
...the writing process and being an author. 
After she read Bears Make The Best Writing Parters, 
the students took turn asking Carmen questions about bears, writing,
reading, science,
and more.
They loved hearing there would be a fourth book in the series coming on August 1, 2020!  It is called Bears Make The Best Science Buddies and you can read about it here
As you can see, every one of Carmen's books about this sweet brown bear will inspire every reader and learner to try their best and know they can do it too.

I found this beautiful poster Bears Make The Best Writing Buddies poster here on...
...Capstone's Reading is for Everyone site.  I printed this one off for a special reading and writing treat for every classroom.  It was a great surprise!
And Carmen surprised us as she shared the Caldecott Award winning books that were announced earlier last week. She shared our enthusiasm so that was such a FUN part of our Skype too.

Thank you Carmen.  We loved our virtual visit with you. Our 2nd graders and their teachers enjoyed you so much and they hope you will come to our school someday, friend.  

You will find Carmen's site here.

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