Sunday, March 1, 2020

Celebrate Read Across America With These Books....And 3 Extra Special Ones Too!

We celebrate Read Across America this week, one of the best days of the year! 

As we get ready for this awesome week of celebrations, I pulled together a new Padlet full of titles focused around reading, books and all things literacy. 
At Van Meter, we are reading to celebrate this special day with a whole week around the theme Reading Is For Everyone, 
the special literacy champaign created by our friends at Capstone.  You will find the Reading is for Everyone site here.  I will be sharing more in a post tomorrow too. 

Each day there will a fun theme our students and teachers will focus on for our celebrations, so I pulled together a big group of...
...books they can share with as read alouds in their classrooms. 
You will find the Padlet here.  And please feel free to add books to the Padlet too.  

I want to point out a few of my favorites and ones that I can't wait to share with our students and teachers as I pop-in to the classrooms for some read alouds this week. 
This is one of the books that I wrote with Capstone and Cantata Learning.  Find a Book is paired with music, created and sang by Emily Arrow.

You will find this one and all of the other Cantata Learning books on YouTube too. 
Next, is Bear Make The Best Reading Buddieswritten by my friend Carmen Oliver and illustrated by Jean Claude.
And one that comes out this week on March 4, Help Wanted Must Love Bookswritten by my friend Janet Sumner Johnson and illustrated by Courtney Dawson. 
We have had wonderful Skype in the Classroom connections with both Carmen and Janet to share their books and we love what they will bring to this week as we celebrate reading. 
You will find these three and the videos that go with them on the Padlet at the top, as shown here. 

Have a wonderful and fun Read Across America.  We can't wait to celebrating Reading Is For Everyone at Van Meter and with all of you. 

As we celebrate, let's share our celebrations using #ReadingIsForEveryone and #ReadAcrossAmerica. 

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