Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Using BreakoutEDU In The Library! Games & Tips For Everyone!

During this library rotation over the next month, Jessica and I are focusing on media and news literacy with our elementary students. 
With this topic, we wanted to tie in learning about the word PHISH using the BreakoutEDU game, Don't Fall For The Phish.  
In this Digital BreakoutEDU, 

A scammer has locked up all of your sensitive information!  To get it back, you’ll have to retrace your steps to realize how they fooled you.  Solve the clues to retrieve your personal information, then change your passwords so they can’t fool you again!
As they play, encourage them to think about these questions you can reflect on as a group when they have all finished. 
This Digital BreakoutEDU is part of the Library Science Subject Pack within the BreakoutEDU platform that you will find here.
There are 21 games here, which are all so awesome for us to use in the library and throughout the classrooms and curriculum. 
When introducing the BreakoutEDU to our third, fourth and fifth graders,
we put together a Google Slide presentation to make it easy to share instructions quick and easy, so they could get right to work within the time we have them in the library.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, just go here to make a copy and add your own information.
To keep track of the usernames and passwords, we created this Google Document to hold them all.  When we work with the students this month, we will add their name next to the username to keep track of who has what.

The password will be the same for everyone.  That will be housed at the top.

Jessica and I are excited to kick off using BreakoutEDU in our library.  Our friend, Adam Bellow, is coming to visit us at Van Meter in May, so we want to be ready.  This is a wonderful first step. 

Next up, our 5th graders will be creating their own Digital BreakoutEDU's in the next rotation too! 

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