Thursday, March 21, 2019

Introducing Follett MyDestiny!

Earlier this month, Follett made a very exciting announcement that will adapt to the needs of every student as they introduced Follett MyDestiny

Follett MyDestiny combines a library of over 40,000 eBooks from a variety of publishers and more than 750,000 open educational resources with artificial intelligence to meet our students where they are, and take them to a place where they can reach their potential and thrive. 

As shared in the Follett press release, MyDestiny leverages machine-learning capabilities to allow users to easily locate recommended content, all aligned to national and individual state standards. 

MyDestiny is a powerful platform that can adapt to the needs of every student, connecting them 24/7 with a repository of relevant and vetted content,” said Nader Qaimari, president, Follett School Solutions. “As student learning continues to evolve, they need access to engaging materials that help enhance their understanding, boost their motivation, and allow them to study more efficiently.

MyDestiny is also a powerful tool for teachers as it allows them to build effective and engaging lesson within minutes, giving them valuable time to interact and support their students.  Teachers can address students' needs immediately and track their comprehension and growth, making a difference in every classroom and school community. 
You can learn more about MyDestiny in this video and by visiting...

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