Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Bus Book Box Is Coming To Van Meter...Here Is What You Need To Bring It To Your Buses & Readers Too!

My dear friend and partner in lots of collaborative and exciting learning, reading and creative fun, Tracy Ferguson, and I have something cooking!  
After we saw this wonderful story shared on Facebook of sharing books with kids to read on bus rides, we decided to see how this would work in our community.  So Tracy asked one of our bus drivers and awesome teachers, Quin Pelz, if we could try it out and after spring break the...
...Van Meter Bus Book Box is coming!  
To prepare for this new reading program, we went to our favorite digital storytelling and marketing tool, Buncee, and created these little signs. 
I asked Buncee to create a bus sticker with transparent windows so we could add Tracy, Quin and I's...

...Bitmoji's for a personal touch.  
These will go on the plastic book totes, that Tracy found for $1.00.  These would be perfect to hold books, bookmarks and a few pencils for them to write their names on the bookmarks.  We are going to see how they work and could possibly use...
...milk crates, that we found online for $10.00. 
We could use a plastic cup and a few zip ties to attach it to the inside or outside to hold bookmarks and pencils too. 

You can find the poster link from Buncee here....Feel free to make changes and use this for your Bus Book Box signage. 
We also created special Van Meter Bus Book Box bookmarks in Buncee.  It is so easy to do with their new bookmark template and we loved using our 2nd graders backgrounds they created. 
Our kids will love using these in the books they read on the bus.  
It will give them a place to write their name and then place the bookmark in the book if they want to pick it back up when they get back onto the bus.

You will find the bookmark design in Buncee at this link.  Again, feel free to use this one to make your own.
We got lots of bookmarks printed at Overnight Prints so they will be ready to go when we get back to school next week. 
By bringing books to our buses through the Van Meter Bus Book Boxes, we are giving our students another wonderful chance to connect to books, reading and to celebrate #VanMeterReads! 

We will keep everyone up to date of how this new reading program goes!  

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