Thursday, March 28, 2019

Future Ready Schools® Leadership Institutes 2019 Are Announced!

The Future Ready Schools® Leadership Institutes 2019 will kick off again this fall and we can't wait to share these special events with all of you. 

As the site shares, 

Future Ready Schools® (FRS) Leadership Institutes are FREE two-day professional learning events designed to support district teams of 3 to 9 people in creating policies, procedures, and practices that empower them to transform teaching and learning in their school and/or district.

The leadership institutes will inspire, invigorate, and inform district teams with a wealth of information and resources that will support their Future Ready efforts. District teams will collaborate to build regional networks of like-minded colleagues, generate feedback on practice, articulate actionable next steps, and identify resources to take their learner-centered strategies to the next level. 

Attendees will leave the leadership institute with a better understanding of: “Equity of opportunities” in the context of digital transformation, the FRS framework and free resources as essential components of a successful digital conversion, strategies to articulate a vision for student-centered learning. building capacity across each FRS strand to change the culture, increase collaborative leadership, develop a district/schoolwide program, and create a vision for digital transformation in your school or district. 
Last month, the Future Ready School team got together in Washington DC to plan the agenda for our institutes and it is going to be an awesome event for all groups involved.  
There will be 6 FRL Institutes.  You will find this information and links to register at each one of these events here

We hope that you join us for one of our Future Ready Schools® Leadership Institutes in 2019.  It is going to be awesome! 

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