Friday, March 1, 2019

Discover Great Women From History With Capstone & PebbleGo!

March is Women's History Month.  Our friends at Capstone have created a very special place for us to go with our students to celebrate. 
It is the Discover Great Women From History site and it is packed full of amazing places for our students to go and learn more about great women in history and lots of resources to support them too.
When our students go to this site, they can take a quick quiz to Discover a Great Woman from History. I gave it a try today, answering a few questions and got....
 ..the amazing Eleanor Roosevelt. 

The first thing it did was direct me to.... article in PebbleGo about Eleanor.  I listened, read and watched a little video about her.  I learned a lot about this very important woman from our history.
While your students do the same thing, they can use this Discover Great Women In History Share What You Know sheet to write down what they learn and even what they have questions on and want to share. 

Our students at Van Meter love using the Share What You Know sheets that are included in every PebbleGo article.
There are also several other activities and resources that you will find on this site to download and use in your library and classroom.

Here are a few of the Lesson Plans, which are amazing!
I can see so many fantastic ways to use these with our students!  And they give us a chance to tie in important curricular extensions too.
I really love the posters that we can download from the site.  These will get our students curious and wanting to know more about great women in history.  I am going to add a QR code to these so they can go straight to the PebbleGo article about that woman too.
I hope this gives you lots of resources and ideas for celebrating Women's History Month with your students.  
 I also wanted to remind you that there are even more women biographies on PebbleGo....
...and you will find several on PebbleGo Next too.  

Let us know how you celebrate Women's History Month too, friends!  

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