Saturday, March 16, 2019

See If You Can Guess Our 3rd Graders Mystery State Buncee's!

The 3rd graders in Ann Volk's class were very busy over the last week creating Mystery State Buncee's for their class to solve on Friday.  

I wrote about this project and included all of the materials we used in this first post here
On Friday, after all of the groups had their Buncee's complete and on the Buncee Board,
 we had each student get out their Chromebooks to guess...
 ...their classmates Mystery State Buncee's. 
They used their social studies textbooks, Capstone's PebbleGo Next States, the map on the wall and a few other places that helped them solve the clues.
 As they solved the Buncee's,
 some of them wrote the answers on a piece of paper,
 while others opened up a Google Doc to keep track.
During that time, just like the time we spent on this project everyday this week, the students were completely engaged and excited, while learning so much about the geography of the United States.  

Since they didn't create a Mystery State Buncee for each state yet, Mrs. Volk is going to continue this project and we will be doing it with the other 3rd graders after spring break.  

We loved this Buncee project...students and teachers alike! 
And they would love to share their Mystery State Buncee's with all of you and your students to see if others can solve them too!  You will find the Van Meter 3rd Grade Mystery State Buncee Board here. 

Let us know how you did!  And remember, if you and your students create your own Mystery State Buncee's, they can be added to this collaborative Buncee board here

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