Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Our Library Video News Project....The Bulldog Blitz!

We are very excited for a new literacy advocacy project from our library and school at Van Meter!  

As Future Ready Librarians, in the center of all that we do is Literacy.  According to the Future Ready Librarian framework,
Through literacy, Future Ready Librarians inspire and support the reading lives of both students and teachers.  We create inclusive collections that acknowledge and celebrate diverse experiences and provide instructional opportunities to empower learners as effective users and creators of information and ideas. 
We also Cultivate Community Partnerships which ties into literacy by promoting engagement and a community of readers.  

These are two very important and impactful pieces of what we can do within our communities as Future Ready Librarians and what we can do to empower our students to be advocates for creating a community of readers and one which creates a lifelong love of reading too.
We are working on a few community literacy projects at the moment.  One will kick off next week on February 1st during our World Read Aloud Day festivities. I don't want to give too much away, but I just had to share a few photos from our photo shoot with our new bulldog friend, Otto! 
The other will be on February 8th as we kick off our weekly library news channel, The Bulldog Blitz....News From The Van Meter Library!  

We are going to start this video news project with our 5th graders and they will help us work with other grade levels and students as we get all of our students involved in different ways through literacy and library advocacy such as highlighting new books and resources in the library; book promotions such as book reviews, book trailers, interviews and projects; Skype events with authors, illustrators and publishers and more; and so much more!  

The Bulldog Blitz will be shared with all students and classrooms throughout the week and we will also be sharing it with families and our community through the schools weekly newsletter and on social media.  

And of course, we will be sharing The Bulldog Blitz with all of you!  

So stay tune....It is going to be an awesome way for our students and Jessica and I, as Future Ready Librarians, to inspire and support the reading lives of our students, teachers and families in such a special way.  

We know it will inspire you and your community of readers too. 

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