Thursday, January 10, 2019

100th Day of School Collection, Stories, Songs and Fun!

It's crazy to think that we are into a new year and half way through the school year.  

With the 100th Day of School right around the corner, I have created the 100th Day of School Collection by Destiny that you will find here.  This Collection contains stories, songs, arts and crafts projects, math activities and more. 
One of my favorite books to share on this special day is the 100th Day of School story and song from Cantata Learning. We have this in our library and online as an eBook to share with our students, teachers and families. 

You can also find it on YouTube to share with your community too! 

What are you planning for the 100th day of school?  What do we need to add to our Collection by Destiny?  Please let us know.  :) 

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