Sunday, January 27, 2019

12 Ways To Use Google Keep In The Library & Classroom In 2019!

Google Keep is note-taking service from Google and one of our favorite ways to create, keep and share notes that can contain text, lists, images and audio. It is available as a mobile app and on the web.

One of the best parts....Brianna and I can even collaborate on notes together anywhere we go.
We are able to jump into Google Keep on our cell phone, laptops and even when we are in our gmail, which is super handy and helpful.
We love the little Google Keep Chrome extension you can now add to your browser too!

There are tons of ways we can use Google Keep in the library and classroom.  For the new year, we have 12 of our favorite ways to share with all of you!

1. Use Google Keep to share new books, book trailers and book talks with your students, teachers and community. By adding links, voice recordings and little notes, this can become something they look forward to everyday.

2. Share new digital tools and apps with your students, teachers and community. You can include links and online resources with each note.

3. Use Google Keep for students to collaborate on reading lists. They can share recommendations through text, voice and drawings with one another.

4. Google Keep is an awesome place for collaboration with teachers! With the little extension in gmail and with the app, Google Keep is always right at your fingertips and so easy to use.

5. Google Keep is a wonderful place to keep library plans. By sharing them with others, you can let everyone know what is happening in the library and through co-teaching within the classrooms.

6. Use Google Keep for library and professional goals! These can be shared with your teaching partners and administrators too.

7. Keep book and Makerspace wish lists organized and collaborative within Google Keep.

8. Using the Keep extension, you can save and organize website bookmarks. This will help curate online resources as librarians and teachers, but is an important tip for our students too.

9. Use Google Keep to connect and share with families.

10. Organize various resources, such as links to Collections by Destiny, blog posts and links to digital tools used, with different Google Keep notes. These can be shared when projects pop up throughout the year.

11. Use Google Keep as a place to keep pictures and videos from the library and classrooms throughout the year.

12. Set time and location reminders within Google Keep. This will help with your busy schedule in 2019.

Thank you for joining Brianna and I for our first post on our new blog, Our Voice in Learning!  

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