Saturday, October 6, 2018

Using Augmented Reality To Learn About The Human Body With The Virtuali-Tee!

Our kids at Van Meter are learning about the human body in a different way this fall.  
They have been trying out the new Virtuali-Tee's from Curiscope and it has been such an awesome and exciting learning experience for them. 
The Virtuali-Tee's are augmented reality t-shirts which enables your students to learn about the human body... scanning the t-shirt with the free Virtuali-Tee app to see inside the body and...
...view the different systems.
The can see the Digestive System, 
Circulatory System and...
...Skeletal System with Virtuali-Tee. It allows them to investigate each by giving them 360 degree views within the body. 
As said on the Curiscope site, 

Virtuali-Tee is an immersive award winning classroom tool, allowing you to deliver a learning experience that makes the wonder of human anatomy both memorable, engaging and accessible to everyone.   
With the app, you can also view your own heart beating live in AR using the Heart Rate Tracker.  
You can also view your own heart beating live in AR...
...using the Heart Rate Tracker.  The kids loved that and couldn't wait to see their heartbeat. 
Curiscope has developed a wonderful set of free Science Learning Resources to accompany the Virtuali-Tee. They are compatible with the Common Core for ages 7-11, but can be used to kick off learning with older students too. 
Each system includes several resources.  
There are lesson plans (which I opened up in Google Slides), quizzes, challenges, puzzles, 

labeling activities, 
and more.  
They even included a.... augmented reality lesson on the digestive system and heart. 
All you have to do is download this sheet and print it off.  Your students will be able to scan it with the app to get a taste for what the Virtuali-Tee's are like!  

You will find this activity and all of the lesson plans here.
To learn more about Curiscope and how you can make learning come alive with the Virtuali-Tee's and the education resources they have developed, please visit their site here
And I have something super exciting to share!  
I am running a little giveaway on my blog for two lucky winners to receive a free Virtuali-Tee!  To enter, please send me a tweet at @shannonmmiller or respond to one of my social media posts on Facebook by telling us how you would use the Virtuali-Tee.  Please include @Curiscope in your post. 

I will pick the two winners next Saturday on October 13, 2018.  

I know you will love having your students learn about the human body on a body with this augmented reality tool too! 

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