Thursday, October 11, 2018

Our 2nd Graders Kick Off Their PBL, Let's Make A House Together, With Our Friend & Author John Colaneri!

On Monday, we had a blast on Skype with our second graders!  We couldn't wait to introduce them to our very special guest, 
John Colaneri, who has a new book, What Can You Do With A Toolbox?

This book is perfect for every maker and one that we couldn't wait to show our students as we kicked off something awesome.
John wrote this book with his cousin, Anthony Carrino. This is the first children's book for the two of them. But it isn't the first project they did together, as they are known as The Cousins as seen on HGTV, DIY Network and lots of other places.  
This Skype was also extra special as John helped the 2nd graders kick off their PBL project for the fall!
After meeting our 2nd graders and their teachers Staci BraunTracy Ferguson and Megan Warwick, John read their book....
What Can You Do With A Toolbox? on Skype while, 
Mrs. Ferguson showed them the book from her classroom where we all gathered.
Our 2nd graders loved it and had lots of amazing questions....
...they couldn't wait to ask John about their book, building, and....
...of course, their shows, especially Kitchen Cousins.  
They could have asked John a lot more questions, but we assured them they would have more opportunities because....
...this was just the start of collaboration with him!
After the questions, Mrs. Ferguson told the 2nd graders they would be building homes for their PBL out of giant cardboard boxes and other materials we would all be collecting for their classrooms.

They cheered!

Then she asked John to reveal the 6 jobs they could apply for within the project including architect, exterior design, interior design, electrician, construction worker and realtor.  
They were more excited than ever to be part of such a fun and creative PBL!  
We are thrilled for this project and thankful that John (and hopefully his cousin, Anthony) will be joining the kids and teachers as we make it an extra special learning experience for our students.
In two weeks, the related arts teachers will be Skyping with John as he guides the students in creating their very own toolboxes to be used throughout this project and year.  And in their classroom as the students apply, interview and carry out their jobs as they build and market their homes.

Thank you for this connection, John and Anthony and for thinking outside of the box with us! Your book, and the two of you, will make a difference for and inspire our little makers in Van Meter, Iowa and all around the world. 

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