Monday, October 1, 2018

Makerspace Monday Takes Over Our Library!

We kicked off something brand new in our library today!  Makerspace Monday!  

Makerspace Monday will be on Day 1 of each library rotation. For each library rotation, we have one class from each grade level. We have four weeks in each rotation.  

By hosting Makespace Monday in our library at the start of each week, it will give our students lots of opportunity to make, tinker, investigate, explore, invent and so much more. 
At least one of the activities in the Makerspace will tie into the focus of the rotation.  
For the first one, we are focusing on Digital Citizenship and other grade level topics. The Makerspace activity we planned was to have them create digital citizenship buttons to exchange with a friend or family for Digital Citizenship Week coming up on October 15-19. 2018. 
All of the classes had so much fun creating....
....positive message that will encourage...
 ...and empower others to be digital leaders within our community. 
They can't wait to hand these out in a few weeks.

As they finished their first Makerspace project, we went over all of the other options they had within the Makerspace today.  We will continue to add things with each rotation. 

Here is a look into our what they chose today!
We had lots of kids trying out the new Virtuali-Tee's from Curiscope. These are augmented reality t-shirts which lets them scan to...
...view the different systems inside the body.  They were crazy about these! 
There was origami and....
...things being created with all of the different kinds of duct tape we have.  
The bracelets, bookmarks, 
bags and....
...purses were so unique and cool! 
 There was building with LEGO's....
 ... and putting together of lots of new LEGO characters
Several of our students created in Scratch and....
 ...tried out coding with Minecraft.
 And of course the big community coloring was a popular spot too!
The best thing about Makerspace Monday was the creativity, activity, teamwork, conversations and.... that filled our library. 
It was such a special day.

We can't wait for the next Makerspace Monday next week and all throughout the year. 

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