Sunday, October 14, 2018

Buncee 3.0 Is Here....You Will LOVE These Awesome Additions!

As we kick off the year at our school using Buncee, there is something very exciting that all of our students and teachers see pop-up when they log in. 

It is Buncee 3.0 and WOW, is it awesome!  Take a minute to watch the cute little introduction to Buncee 3.0 above. 
Our friends at Buncee have outdone themselves with Buncee 3.0 as it definitely your creative one-stop-shop for the entire school community.  

In the blog post, Welcome To Buncee 3.0, they shared....

Be sure to check out our new series of Buncee 3.0 blogs:  Canvas SizingNew Media Options, and New and Enhanced Creation Tools to learn more about these features and how they can help enhance your classroom's learning experience. 

These new features have not only enhanced how special Buncee already is, it has given our students and us, as teachers and librarians, even more choices on making this the go-to digital tool for so many creative, engaging and personalized learning, teaching and marketing needs.

Let me show you the amazing new features in Buncee 3.0! 
When you log in and click on Buncee 3.0....Start Creating, you will see a few new things in the digital canvas where we create our Buncee's.

You will see two little arrows on the left and right side.
These will move the side bars for Pages and Items back and forth so you can get them out of the way if you wish.
One of my FAVORITE new features is how we can now Resize the Canvas. We just LOVE how we can now....
Select the Canvas Size of our Buncee giving us lots of flexibility and choice on what we can create.
On all of the different Canvas Sizes, Buncee has also given us suggestions for what it is great to use for and the best way to share the size too.

This is a wonderful addition for personalizing learning through Buncee, not to mention our marketing needs as librarians and teachers.

We can choose from lots of Canvas Sizes including Buncee Size, Square (1:1), 
Banners (3:1), 
Letters (8.5:11), 
Business Card Size (3.5:2), 
and Custom, which is so nice for making a Buncee any size we need.
As our students first started using Buncee 3.0, they really liked the little prompt that warned them about the size changing if they changed the layout.  This helped them work through the changes and make it work.  I loved watching this problem solving take place with one of our favorite digital tools.
There are also a couple cool new additions with the assets they can add to their Buncee.
They are LOVING the Buncee Emoji's! There are tons of super cute choices...
...that are perfect for our students and teachers to use within their Buncee's.
I really love the Zen the Thought Bubble Emoji's as they are perfect for tying Buncee into social emotional learning and giving our students a way to show their emotions in their Buncee's too.
We can also Take a Picture now and add it to Buncee.

Our students really enjoyed being able to add that little touch by taking a photo of themselves, or with a group of friends, and adding it to their Buncee with a little traditional crop or even cropping their picture into a circle.
We find the new Pan feature helpful as we are creating and working on those fine little details.
And of course the Undo and Redo has been a big hit with all of us too! 

Buncee also shared in the post, Welcome to Buncee 3.0, several spots for more inspiration using Buncee 3.0.  You can check them out here....Back to School Activities with BunceeBranding your Classroom and School with Buncee, and Enhancing Parent Engagement with Buncee.  

As you can see, Buncee 3.0 has put so many helpful and special additions and tools into our hands as creators, learners and teachers.  We are very thankful that our friends at Buncee listen to all of the feedback and requests by making it the best digital tool they can. 

Together, lets give all our students a way to share their voice and knowledge by giving them the platform, resources and flexibility they need with Buncee!  
If Buncee is new to you and your school, you can learn more about Buncee and sign up here today

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