Sunday, September 30, 2018

3 New Updates To Cover In Destiny Discover!

We have been using and learning more about Destiny Discover in our library this fall.  
It is a BIG hit and our students and teachers love using Destiny Discover at school and at home too.  

With the newest Destiny Discover update, there are 3 new features that stand out! 

Let me show you what these are, so you can make sure to highlight them in your library and community too. 

To better explain them, I always turn to the Follett site with further explanation about the Destiny Discover updates and features. You will find the new ones here. 
1. Promote print and digital resources with improved search results organization. 
To make it easier to find book, digital, audiobooks and other materials, all of these now appear on a Books search results tab.  This will give users better visibility to your digital resources and collections.  It makes it easier for students to find the resources they need within all of the formats. 

You will find this circled in the image above. 
2. Added search results count. 
We can now quickly see how many search results were returned on the Books, Collections and Open Educational Resources search results tabs.  

You will find this at the top next to the Results For, as shown in the image above. 
3. Improved title display on homepage ribbons. 
We love using the homepage ribbons.  With the new updates, the titles that appear on the homepage ribbons are easier to read, with better word wrapping. Titles that are too long are truncated and display an ellipsis. 

This week in our library, we are going to continue to learn more about Destiny Discover. We will learn how to use it for book reviews, Biblionasium and even to create bibliographies.  
And we are super excited about our three NEW Pop-Up Destiny Discover stations in the library! 
We will continue to update you on these additions and new discoveries in our library. 

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