Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Storytelling and Singing Brings Clay To Life In Claymates!

I love books about art.

Being a librarian, an artist, and someone who loves all kinds of creating and making, art books fill the shelves in our library and I love finding new ones.

Last year when I saw Claymates in an airport book store, I couldn't wait to bring it home to share with my family.  Hagan and I had so much fun reading it together as we got wrapped up in the story of risk and imagination with the sculpted characters. We were so excited to see what would happen next!

Since that, I have brought it to several events to give to other librarians and teachers. In fact, I just sent it to my daughter Brianna in Belgium for her personal library too.
 Claymates is written by Dev Petty and...
illustrated by Lauren Eldridge.
I just have to give you a glimpse into the pages of Claymates so you can meet these two sweet little balls of clay....
and see what they create in the studio before the artist gets back.
You can learn more about Claymates by visiting the Little Brown site at lb-kids.com and #Claymates on Twitter and Instagram.  Also, make sure you share using that hashtag. 

And guess what?  Today, our friend and singer songwriter Emily Arrow announced....

she has a new Claymates Song.  You will find it on YouTube and it is aweosme! 

I know you will have fun singing and reading Claymates with your kids! 
Also on Dev Petty's website, you will find several wonderful things to print off and do in the library, classroom and even at home.  
There is Clay and Storytelling for Kids packet,  

In The Classroom Art and Storytelling Packet, and... 
three different Claymates bookmarks.   
You will find them all here
Bringing Claymates in the art room or Makerspace would be perfect for continuing this story and even having students make their own by creating with clay or playdough and using a green screen, stop motion and digital storytelling tools such as Buncee. 
My kids loved making playdough when they were little.  That is another activity you can tie to Claymates.   

I am taking Claymates to Hong Kong to share next week.  I can't wait for all of the terrific conversations, ideas and laughs we will have with Claymates there too!  

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