Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Join The Free Follett Webinar On March 7....Intervention Strategies for Striving Readers and Writers, Grades 3-8!

I am really looking forward to the Follett webinar coming up tomorrow on March 7 at 2:00pm CST.

It is called Intervention Strategies for Striving Readers and Writers, Grades 3-8! 

As we know, good reading and writing skills are essential for a lifetime of success in all subjects and careers.  We need to be able to support and build these skills in children starting in elementary school and equip them with the skills they need for the rest of their lives as readers and learners.
This webinar will address these needs and what we can do as teachers to support and foster reading and writing within our students.  

Follett Community shared, 

Striving readers and writers in elementary through middle school need more than traditional learning techniques to help them achieve success and keep up with their peers. Good reading and writing skills are paramount to a lifetime of success in all subjects and careers and helping striving readers develop these skills early is key.  

Join this informative webinar as a middle school librarian and a popular published elementary author share insight, experiences, and strategies for improving the reading and writing success of students. You’ll learn how to motivate readers, promote student choice in what students read, connect learners’ interests to text, and create meaningful assessment opportunities. The presentation will also share simple techniques for struggling writers that give writers a choice and will show you how to use rich prewriting activities and frequent mentor texts. All information presented for better reading and writing instruction can be smoothly integrated into different styles of teaching.
A variety of approaches and resources for use with struggling readers and writers will be discussed, including print and eBooks, interactive online texts (Lightbox) and features within Destiny—all designed to engage striving readers and writers in your library or classroom.
 I hope that you will join Sarah Downing and...
and Darcy Pattison, as they share their expertise, experience and ideas.  
You can register for this free Follett webinar here
I can't wait to see you there, friends. 

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