Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sing & Read Along To 6 Classics Fables In This New Cantata Learning Series!

As I get ready to travel to Hong Kong and share literacy, libraries and technology with teachers, parents and lots of students, 

I packed up this very special beautiful new series from Cantata Learning....
Classic Fables in Rhythm and Rhyme.  
As the Cantata Learning site states, with this cleaver series, Aesop's tales take on a new spin through music.  
Classic Fables in Rhythm and Rhymes gives young readers a multi-sensory way to determine these stories' important morals.  
The relatable animal characters are brought to life through graphic style action-packed illustrations.  
And memorable lyrics make the stories, and the life lessons they offer, easy to remember, 
Since the minute I read and sang this series, I was drawn in by way the authors, illustrators and music producers, retold these classic fables in a way that would speak to the children in our libraries, classrooms and at home. 
Everyone will LOVE singing along and as with all Cantata Learning titles, the music is very easy to get to by scanning the QR on the back and within the book.
It is also available on the Cantata Learning site to stream and download in the version with words, as it is in the book, or in an instrumental version too.

You can check out The Milkmaid and Her Pail here.
Also, in each book you will find a Glossary and meaningful Guided Reading Activities.  
I really love the letter in the front to parents, Tips To Support Literacy At Home.  This is an important addition to each book and one to remember when sharing with parents and children as they take it home too.
On the Cantata Learning Resources page, you will find the Lesson Plan: Classic Fables in Rhythm and Rhyme, which includes the....
Moral of the Story Worksheet to use in the library and classroom.  Students will love drawing and writing about what they find and learn within this series.  
All six of these are available to listen and sing to on Cantata Learning's YouTube Channel in the Classic Fables in Rhythm and Rhyme list here.
You will find the Classic Fables in Rhythm and Rhyme Set here on the Cantata Learning site. 
They join 13 others in the Fairy Tales Tune Set. 

Have fun singing, dancing and reading these fables with our friends at Cantata Learning.  
And don't forget to check out all of the amazing Cantata Learning stories and songs at today. 

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